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Most elderly people find that their needs fall beneath having daily skilled nursing services and therefore don't need to be housed in a nursing home. The small residential care home, licensed for 2 to 6 people provides a safe, comfortable and dignified environment for those who need help intermittently throughout the day and night.
Source: California Registry
What is a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly or a Board & Care Home?
A Residential Care Facility for the Elderly is a home environment licensed by the State of California for up to 6 senior residents that provides 24-hour care, where non-medical supervision is desired or needed. A senior residential care facility is an ideal home facility for seniors who want or need assistance with personal care and daily living activities.

Good candidates for an Elder Care Facility

  • Seniors who are becoming frail and find the responsibilities of homemaking an increasing burden, or too difficult to do consistently.
  • Seniors with chronic illnesses who need daily assistance with cooking, cleaning, and monitoring medications.

Our staff encourages residents to be as independent as they can safely be, making as many autonomous choices as possible about their daily lives and health care.

Finding an appropriate facility
After determining the specific needs of your family member, get references from your doctor's office, church or hospital discharge coordinator for an appropriate facility. Visit the facility and meet the other residents to determine compatibility.
A skilled nursing facility is for people who require daily supervision and care provided by medical professionals such as registered nurses and certified nurse assistants, under the supervision of licensed physicians. Larger facilities were often called 'retirement homes,' and require that the senior be capable of getting to the dining hall for meals, and be independent in most activities.
Smaller 2-6 bed facilities such as 3 Sisters Hacienda Elder Care are able to provide more personal attention for the residents, such as assistance with dressing, toileting and getting around. Often the residents feel the loving support of a family community provided by caring staff.
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